• Currently preparing for promotion?
  • Know someone who is preparing for promotion?
  • Want to increase your chances of promotion?


New for 2016 – Workshops Gap Assessment e-package (available from 7th April 2016)
2 hours with a maximum of 8 people attending.


Dates are online but first come, first served as limited places are available.


Next workshop is 16th April 2016.  Places are still available.


An opportunity for you to enrol and download a package designed to help you take the first steps to promotion, identifying and addressing your leadership gaps against the National Police Professional Framework (NPPF).


For the 1st 10 people that enrol and download the product you will receive £50 off attendance at a workshop of your choice.


Our flexible learning opportunities suit everyone in terms of budget and preferred learning style.

To date Neil has achieved an 80% success rate and many of his clients have secured top place performance.  To hear about other’s successes visit the testimonial page.

For further information or to book on to a workshop please email:


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