New Services On Offer

New Services On Offer

Promotion Prep has undergone a bit of a revamp due to the increasing number of services and e-products I’m being requested for. This is great news and I’m really proud to be able to meet people’s preferred learning styles and budgets.

During my sessions I get to know my clients and often share a few stories that help people to see that I may have climbed to the position of Deputy Chief Constable but there has been a lot of learning along the way!

So … with the changes to the site I thought it may help to share a few of these and throw some questions out there.  Blogging, I was told was the vehicle by which I could do this!

Whether you’re thinking of joining the police, going for your first promotion or thinking about your next promotion I hope there will be something for everyone on this page.

I hope you enjoy them (or maybe some of them) … Click here to see the range of services now on offer, e-learning, coaching, workshops and webinars!

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