Why did I join the police?

neilHonestly? This is something I am not proud of, however it’s true!

My brother, Paul really wanted to be a cop.  Sadly for him he suffered from asthma and was also colour blind, which prevented him from progressing with his application.

I was a little bit naughty in my secondary school years and didn’t really know what to do with my life.

Having considered following family members into the electrical business and also being offered a place on a highly regarded sports foundation course I too, (out of sheer devilment to my brother) applied to join the police cadets. Call it one upmanship on my elder brother!! 

Well, I passed the educational tests and the medical (which I will not go into on this blog!) and was accepted. I joined Nottinghamshire Police cadets straight from school on 20th September 1982: two years later I became a regular Police Constable and was posted to a place I had not previously heard of – Sutton In Ashfield, within the Mansfield Division. This would mean moving away from home as a 19 year old and into lodgings with a 50+ year old divorcee!!

Watch this space for my 1st day as a PC and how I got myself into deep trouble with my Inspector!

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