CVF Assessment Framework … Make it Simple

Everyone is using it …

The new Competency and Values Assessment Framework (CVF) has now been fully rolled out to all forces and is proving difficult to interpret for police promotion candidates.

It has replaced all other frameworks …

The CVF replaced the previous assessment frameworks and is now standardised across England, Wales and The Police Service of Northern Ireland.

Leadership Clusters, competencies and values … it’s complex!

It incorporates 3 x leadership clusters, 6 x competencies and 4 x values and the new assessment framework spans some 18 pages! No wonder individuals are finding it complex and challenging.

Be Successful

Trust me … it is useful

Despite the bureaucracy involved it is, however, a very useful framework in assessing leadership competence against modern day policing challenges and all candidates will need to fully understand and embrace the CVF.


Having coached over 1800 clients over the past 4 years, (many of whom have now secured 2 x promotions in that time) I recommend that my clients take time to practically understand the CVF to be in a position to demonstrate leadership competence or leadership potential.

Essential 3 Key Strands for Achieving a Top Place Performance

  1. Candidates must have an awareness of policing and the outcomes they seek to achieve as well as identifying any challenges they face. This ensures that they are very much in touch with their chosen profession
  2. Awareness of CVF is essential and to assist my clients I usually present CVF on a single page to demonstrate practical application of leadership competence
  3. Providing structures and models to help my clients present with impact during interviews, presentations or briefings. This is supported by providing the right content, focusing on the right leadership examples/evidence as well as stating future leadership intentions/vision

I am delighted for some of my clients who have achieved maximum marks and I feel very proud to have had a hand in their success.

Do It .. Start Early … Get Ahead of the Crowd

Anyone seeking to get ahead of the crowd should start their prep early and my on line courses (CVF leadership gap assessment, interview & presentation/scenarios) will ensure you are doing the right preparation ahead of your big day.

Some candidates prefer face to face support which is also available.

Could you please pass onto Neil my sincere thanks for his help with preparation for my Inspectors Board. I had the board yesterday and after using the online learning and the 1-2-1 with Neil I found it easy. The questions were all familiar and the presentation title was one from the list on the online learning. I actually enjoyed the process and have just been informed that I have been successful. This was my first attempt and I scored high on all areas

Lyndon (May 2019)

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