Give something back

Throughout my policing career I worked alongside some outstanding Special Constables and Police Community Support Officers (PCSO) many of whom had a strong desire to join the police as a regular police officer.

If I’m honest I hadn’t given much thought to their journey until a member of my football team, who was a PCSO informed me of having failed the SEARCH assessment centre on two occasions. He would have made a great police officer .

Only 1 in 7 succeed!

Building upon the success of Promotion Prep, I wondered whether I would be able to help those wishing to choose policing as a vocation.

I thought about the whole journey from joining the police through to promotion and realised that committed individuals such as my sporting colleague could, with some quality coaching, not only succeed but get recognised from the start and be identified as having leadership potential.

I decided to look at the process further and identified that of 80,000 applicants who applied annually, only 1 in 7 were successful. I could now see why my sporting colleague was having difficulties. I therefore researched the whole process from application through to SEARCH assessment and final interview and using my tried and tested coaching methods I designed flexible on-line courses for those seeking to achieve top place performance.

Support Your Colleagues

Investing time supporting your hard working colleagues who are seeking a full time policing career will ensure that they are ready and confident for each part of the process.

For example helping them with their application by ensuring they are providing evidence of the competencies required and checking their application before submission. Many of you will already have experience of interviews and assessment exercises.

These committed individuals need your help. In addition, they bring extensive policing experience, ensuring they are pretty much competent from day 1 of their service. This is priceless for front line officers who routinely wait months for vacancies to be filled by student officers.

If you haven’t got the time to personally coach your colleagues then please help by referring them to our flexible e-learning courses.

Neil’s courses helped me through each step of the process … I am now about to start my new job and can’t wait.

John, Reading 2019

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