Sergeants Legal Exam Results

Takes me back …

The recent Sergeant legal exam results brought some welcome news for many and allowed for celebrations within a broader environment of persistent policing demands and challenges including impact on family and personal life. I applaud everyone who found precious time to study amongst all their other commitments.

Results time always takes me back to my own experience. I recall being very busy at work, long shifts, loads of enforced overtime and a lengthy travel to work. I also had two bundles of joy who were 2 yrs old and 6 months. It was a tough time but most rewarding when I found out that I was successful.

Next Steps for Promotion

To some extent the easy work is done. Many of those who were successful would have been legally prepared and therefore confident they knew the answers. Of course there would have been a need to work through some tricky multiple-choice options!

The Police Promotion board, however, requires candidates to demonstrate leadership potential and competence against the Competency and Values assessment framework (CVF).

It’s fairly new therefore many will need to start from scratch. In addition, candidates will need to prepare examples of their competence and be in a position to present such leadership competence or potential during interview or through a briefing or presentation. This can be very daunting and causes much anxiety amongst most candidates. See my CVF blog for hints and tips.

Help Available

In a similar manner to preparing for legal examinations, help is also available with the police promotion process. Sadly, there is little help from police forces and therefore candidates need to find their own providers or go it alone.

Having helped over 1800 candidates over the past 4 years and chaired many police promotion boards I know exactly what is required and have helped many clients to achieve multiple promotions. My courses are specifically designed to help candidates achieve top place performance and my testimonial page is just a small reflection of success to date.

My Advice

  • Start your preparation early – you just never know when the dates will be announced
  • Do a (CVF) Leadership Gap Assessment – understand your strengths and address your weaknesses before the promotion board so you can speak with confidence.
  • When fully prepared treat each question as a gift – the opportunity to demonstrate why you would make a great leader.

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