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Sergeants Legal Exam Results

Takes me back …

The recent Sergeant legal exam results brought some welcome news for many and allowed for celebrations within a broader environment of persistent policing demands and challenges including impact on family and personal life. I applaud everyone who found precious time to study amongst all their other commitments.

Results time always takes me back to my own experience. I recall being very busy at work, long shifts, loads of enforced overtime and a lengthy travel to work. I also had two bundles of joy who were 2 yrs old and 6 months. It was a tough time but most rewarding when I found out that I was successful.

Next Steps for Promotion

To some extent the easy work is done. Many of those who were successful would have been legally prepared and therefore confident they knew the answers. Of course there would have been a need to work through some tricky multiple-choice options!

The Police Promotion board, however, requires candidates to demonstrate leadership potential and competence against the Competency and Values assessment framework (CVF).

It’s fairly new therefore many will need to start from scratch. In addition, candidates will need to prepare examples of their competence and be in a position to present such leadership competence or potential during interview or through a briefing or presentation. This can be very daunting and causes much anxiety amongst most candidates. See my CVF blog for hints and tips.

Help Available

In a similar manner to preparing for legal examinations, help is also available with the police promotion process. Sadly, there is little help from police forces and therefore candidates need to find their own providers or go it alone.

Having helped over 1800 candidates over the past 4 years and chaired many police promotion boards I know exactly what is required and have helped many clients to achieve multiple promotions. My courses are specifically designed to help candidates achieve top place performance and my testimonial page is just a small reflection of success to date.

My Advice

  • Start your preparation early – you just never know when the dates will be announced
  • Do a (CVF) Leadership Gap Assessment – understand your strengths and address your weaknesses before the promotion board so you can speak with confidence.
  • When fully prepared treat each question as a gift – the opportunity to demonstrate why you would make a great leader.

Give something back

Throughout my policing career I worked alongside some outstanding Special Constables and Police Community Support Officers (PCSO) many of whom had a strong desire to join the police as a regular police officer.

If I’m honest I hadn’t given much thought to their journey until a member of my football team, who was a PCSO informed me of having failed the SEARCH assessment centre on two occasions. He would have made a great police officer .

Only 1 in 7 succeed!

Building upon the success of Promotion Prep, I wondered whether I would be able to help those wishing to choose policing as a vocation.

I thought about the whole journey from joining the police through to promotion and realised that committed individuals such as my sporting colleague could, with some quality coaching, not only succeed but get recognised from the start and be identified as having leadership potential.

I decided to look at the process further and identified that of 80,000 applicants who applied annually, only 1 in 7 were successful. I could now see why my sporting colleague was having difficulties. I therefore researched the whole process from application through to SEARCH assessment and final interview and using my tried and tested coaching methods I designed flexible on-line courses for those seeking to achieve top place performance.

Support Your Colleagues

Investing time supporting your hard working colleagues who are seeking a full time policing career will ensure that they are ready and confident for each part of the process.

For example helping them with their application by ensuring they are providing evidence of the competencies required and checking their application before submission. Many of you will already have experience of interviews and assessment exercises.

These committed individuals need your help. In addition, they bring extensive policing experience, ensuring they are pretty much competent from day 1 of their service. This is priceless for front line officers who routinely wait months for vacancies to be filled by student officers.

If you haven’t got the time to personally coach your colleagues then please help by referring them to our flexible e-learning courses.

Neil’s courses helped me through each step of the process … I am now about to start my new job and can’t wait.

John, Reading 2019

CVF Assessment Framework … Make it Simple

Everyone is using it …

The new Competency and Values Assessment Framework (CVF) has now been fully rolled out to all forces and is proving difficult to interpret for police promotion candidates.

It has replaced all other frameworks …

The CVF replaced the previous assessment frameworks and is now standardised across England, Wales and The Police Service of Northern Ireland.

Leadership Clusters, competencies and values … it’s complex!

It incorporates 3 x leadership clusters, 6 x competencies and 4 x values and the new assessment framework spans some 18 pages! No wonder individuals are finding it complex and challenging.

Be Successful

Trust me … it is useful

Despite the bureaucracy involved it is, however, a very useful framework in assessing leadership competence against modern day policing challenges and all candidates will need to fully understand and embrace the CVF.


Having coached over 1800 clients over the past 4 years, (many of whom have now secured 2 x promotions in that time) I recommend that my clients take time to practically understand the CVF to be in a position to demonstrate leadership competence or leadership potential.

Essential 3 Key Strands for Achieving a Top Place Performance

  1. Candidates must have an awareness of policing and the outcomes they seek to achieve as well as identifying any challenges they face. This ensures that they are very much in touch with their chosen profession
  2. Awareness of CVF is essential and to assist my clients I usually present CVF on a single page to demonstrate practical application of leadership competence
  3. Providing structures and models to help my clients present with impact during interviews, presentations or briefings. This is supported by providing the right content, focusing on the right leadership examples/evidence as well as stating future leadership intentions/vision

I am delighted for some of my clients who have achieved maximum marks and I feel very proud to have had a hand in their success.

Do It .. Start Early … Get Ahead of the Crowd

Anyone seeking to get ahead of the crowd should start their prep early and my on line courses (CVF leadership gap assessment, interview & presentation/scenarios) will ensure you are doing the right preparation ahead of your big day.

Some candidates prefer face to face support which is also available.

Could you please pass onto Neil my sincere thanks for his help with preparation for my Inspectors Board. I had the board yesterday and after using the online learning and the 1-2-1 with Neil I found it easy. The questions were all familiar and the presentation title was one from the list on the online learning. I actually enjoyed the process and have just been informed that I have been successful. This was my first attempt and I scored high on all areas

Lyndon (May 2019)

Success in 2018

It’s been a great summer for many reasons,  I became a grandparent, the weather, but the key reason, Promotion Prep have seen some real successes coming through.  People that have passed their #policepromotion first time and others that have had several attempts and then chose to engage with us.

With so many learning options to choose from now – online courses, workshops, mock boards and 1-2-1 coaching, we pride ourselves in having something for everyone to give them the best possible chance in their #policepromotionboard.

September seems to be a busy month for more boards so I look forward to working with many new clients and also seeing some familiar faces going for their next promotion opportunity …  time flies … so get prepared, and get ahead of the crowd.


Our CVF Christmas Gift to You!

Our CVF Christmas Gift to You!

50% discount on all e-learning courses – December 2018 Only!

“Your online courses have been invaluable. I used the structure for my briefing exercise & scored top marks!”

holly-161840_960_720Leadership Gap Assessment

Interview Prep

Presentation & Scenarios

All of the above e-learning courses are now available at 50% discount for December ONLY!

  • Thinking about police promotion in 2018? 
  • Only familiar with the NPPF assessment criteria?
  • Force has changed to the CVF criteria? 


Meeting the CVF Challenge!

Meeting the CVF Challenge!

“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.”

Jimmy Dean

The Policing Professional Framework (PPF) as we know it has changed.  Many forces have now made that transition to the new Competency and Values Framework (CVF).


Introduced in January 2017 it was first used withFast Track and Direct Entry.  Those of you now preparing for your police promotion boards will undoubtedly be assessed against the CVF.

Please be aware the CVF is fundamentally different.  

To be successful at your police promotion board you will need to fully understand the CVF criteria which contains 3 leadership clusters, 4 values and 6 competencies.

My experience of the CVF so far …

Those individuals that I have coached in recent months have been taken aback by the significant difference to the PPF criteria and have had to adjust their preparation well in advance of their promotion board.  Having been so used to the PPF I’ve now devised a CVF one page overview to help and support my clients.

Whether going for the Fast Track programme or applying for your next police promotion you will need to take time out to understand the criteria and how to apply it to your evidence.

I have been really pleased with the feedback received from individuals taking my new CVF online courses and my workshops and these remain available offering options to suit time and budgets.

I know it can be difficult to find time to prepare especially with today’s policing challenges but with such limited opportunities and tough competition it’s so important to get ahead of the game.

I wish you all luck for your police promotions.  If you would like further info please don’t hesitate to contact me or visit

New Services On Offer

New Services On Offer

Promotion Prep has undergone a bit of a revamp due to the increasing number of services and e-products I’m being requested for. This is great news and I’m really proud to be able to meet people’s preferred learning styles and budgets.

During my sessions I get to know my clients and often share a few stories that help people to see that I may have climbed to the position of Deputy Chief Constable but there has been a lot of learning along the way!

So … with the changes to the site I thought it may help to share a few of these and throw some questions out there.  Blogging, I was told was the vehicle by which I could do this!

Whether you’re thinking of joining the police, going for your first promotion or thinking about your next promotion I hope there will be something for everyone on this page.

I hope you enjoy them (or maybe some of them) … Click here to see the range of services now on offer, e-learning, coaching, workshops and webinars!

New CVF online learning available! AND new online support for aspiring Police Officers

New CVF online learning available! AND new online support for aspiring Police Officers

New e-learning modules now available to support you with your Police Promotion Process. From forward planning with a Leadership Gap Assessment to Presentations and Scenarios and your all important Police Promotion Interview – we have captured all you need to know to pass with confidence in our new CVF modules.

With an impressive success rate, Neil knows what is required and has listened to previous clients who have passed using our NPPF e-learning packages.

Click here to buy your first step to your police promotion and get ahead of the crowd.


Police Recruitment Prep – e-learning for those that want to join the police

Neil has supported many aspiring police officers and those wanting to join the forces.  Building on his 100% success rate for new recruits, Neil has captured all you need to know in 2 e-learning packages:

  1. Police Recruitment Assessment Centre Prep
  2. Police Force Interview Prep

For further information on any of the above visit us or contact us now:

Fast Track Package

Fast Track Package

Get Ahead of the Crowd | Fast Track Package of Support

It’s that time of year and the Fast Track applications have been announced.  Promotion Prep are offering a Fast Track package of support:

  1. Application Form Review and Edit – give yourself the best chance for the paper sift
  2. 1-2-1 Interview Coaching – get through the internal selection process and show them you have the potential to reach Superintendent level
  3. Assessment Centre workshop – pass with flying colours and get on course to become one of policing’s future leaders

Save yourself £75 with no up front payment required by securing your place on the package.

You only pay for each stage that you complete but are guaranteed bookings and a place on the final workshop when you get through your internal process.

What Next?


Let us know your deadlines for your application and we’ll agree a time for you to send them through for the review.

Once successful you can then book your 1-2-1 interview date.

Workshops will be held in Banbury (2 minutes off Junction 11 M40):

  • Saturday 14th January 2017
  • Saturday 18th February 2017

Recommended you book early due to limited places.




New Workshop due to Increased Demand

Promotion Prep candidates have been providing feedback that they wished they could have attended a full days course that would provide them with everything they need to know to successfully pass the police promotion board at every stage of the process.

Therefore we have listened and created a new workshop …

The Whole Journey

This one day workshop covers:

  • Leadership gap assessment
  • Coaching for application form submission
  • Coaching for the interview board
  • Coaching for presentations and other NPPF exercises

Places are limited to 8 people per workshop.  To register your interest please email or call on 07572 820511

18/06/16 10:00-16:00
23/07/16 10:00-16:00


For further details about all of our services including this new workshop please visit our website.