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Meeting the CVF Challenge!

Meeting the CVF Challenge!

“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.”

Jimmy Dean

The Policing Professional Framework (PPF) as we know it has changed.  Many forces have now made that transition to the new Competency and Values Framework (CVF).


Introduced in January 2017 it was first used withFast Track and Direct Entry.  Those of you now preparing for your police promotion boards will undoubtedly be assessed against the CVF.

Please be aware the CVF is fundamentally different.  

To be successful at your police promotion board you will need to fully understand the CVF criteria which contains 3 leadership clusters, 4 values and 6 competencies.

My experience of the CVF so far …

Those individuals that I have coached in recent months have been taken aback by the significant difference to the PPF criteria and have had to adjust their preparation well in advance of their promotion board.  Having been so used to the PPF I’ve now devised a CVF one page overview to help and support my clients.

Whether going for the Fast Track programme or applying for your next police promotion you will need to take time out to understand the criteria and how to apply it to your evidence.

I have been really pleased with the feedback received from individuals taking my new CVF online courses and my workshops and these remain available offering options to suit time and budgets.

I know it can be difficult to find time to prepare especially with today’s policing challenges but with such limited opportunities and tough competition it’s so important to get ahead of the game.

I wish you all luck for your police promotions.  If you would like further info please don’t hesitate to contact me or visit

2016 Workshop Dates: From Qualification to Leadership

2016 Workshop Dates: From Qualification to Leadership

Promotion Prep are pleased to announce new dates for Police Promotion Workshops 2016.  In these times of austerity there are fewer opportunities for promotion and many more qualified officers to compete with.

The workshops have been designed to help those individuals who will be, or who are applying for police promotion and who want to ‘get ahead of the crowd’.  Join my many other clients who have achieved top place performance and have been successfully promoted.

To register interest follow instructions on the attachment  –  Police Promotion Workshops 2016 .

Don’t forget to download the Journey to Success Planner to help you on your way.

Your 2016 Journey to Success

Your 2016 Journey to Success

Download your Journey to Success Planner

Finding colleagues, leaders or HR professionals willing or having the time to coach or mentor you to ensure that you can develop quickly, obtaining the necessary information and tools/techniques to prepare and succeed at police promotion boards can prove difficult.

Time is precious and the wrong preparation at the wrong time results in many wasted hours.

Here are my top tips for anyone thinking about preparing for police promotion …

Top tips to secure promotion

  1. Prepare immediately upon qualification.
  2. This should be in the form of a gap assessment to identify any gaps that you may have in terms of the National Policing Professional Framework (NPPF) and the leadership qualities required at the next rank.
  3. Proactively address the gaps identified ahead of the promotion advert being placed so that you can confidently include within your application form or your promotion board exercises.
  4. Prepare your application form at least 3 months before the advert is placed. This will get you ahead of the crowd and you will still be able to enjoy holidays and a normal work-life balance, whilst others are frantically searching for evidence in support of their application. You will be in full control.
  5. Continue with your preparation with a belief that you will be shortlisted. This is important as you will need to prepare for the promotion board exercises at least 4-6 weeks before you attend the promotion board. To delay will seriously jeopardise your chances of success in a competitive pool.
  6. Regardless of the outcome always seek detailed feedback on all aspects of the process including the application form. This is critical for you to commence the cycle all over again to ensure professional development. You should be eager to fast-track your development and achieve your goals.

Download Promotion Prep’s suggested Journey to Success Planner and begin planning now …