New Services On Offer

New Services On Offer

Promotion Prep has undergone a bit of a revamp due to the increasing number of services and e-products I’m being requested for. This is great news and I’m really proud to be able to meet people’s preferred learning styles and budgets.

During my sessions I get to know my clients and often share a few stories that help people to see that I may have climbed to the position of Deputy Chief Constable but there has been a lot of learning along the way!

So … with the changes to the site I thought it may help to share a few of these and throw some questions out there.  Blogging, I was told was the vehicle by which I could do this!

Whether you’re thinking of joining the police, going for your first promotion or thinking about your next promotion I hope there will be something for everyone on this page.

I hope you enjoy them (or maybe some of them) … Click here to see the range of services now on offer, e-learning, coaching, workshops and webinars!

New CVF online learning available! AND new online support for aspiring Police Officers

New CVF online learning available! AND new online support for aspiring Police Officers

New e-learning modules now available to support you with your Police Promotion Process. From forward planning with a Leadership Gap Assessment to Presentations and Scenarios and your all important Police Promotion Interview – we have captured all you need to know to pass with confidence in our new CVF modules.

With an impressive success rate, Neil knows what is required and has listened to previous clients who have passed using our NPPF e-learning packages.

Click here to buy your first step to your police promotion and get ahead of the crowd.


Police Recruitment Prep – e-learning for those that want to join the police

Neil has supported many aspiring police officers and those wanting to join the forces.  Building on his 100% success rate for new recruits, Neil has captured all you need to know in 2 e-learning packages:

  1. Police Recruitment Assessment Centre Prep
  2. Police Force Interview Prep

For further information on any of the above visit us or contact us now:

Fast Track Package

Fast Track Package

Get Ahead of the Crowd | Fast Track Package of Support

It’s that time of year and the Fast Track applications have been announced.  Promotion Prep are offering a Fast Track package of support:

  1. Application Form Review and Edit – give yourself the best chance for the paper sift
  2. 1-2-1 Interview Coaching – get through the internal selection process and show them you have the potential to reach Superintendent level
  3. Assessment Centre workshop – pass with flying colours and get on course to become one of policing’s future leaders

Save yourself £75 with no up front payment required by securing your place on the package.

You only pay for each stage that you complete but are guaranteed bookings and a place on the final workshop when you get through your internal process.

What Next?


Let us know your deadlines for your application and we’ll agree a time for you to send them through for the review.

Once successful you can then book your 1-2-1 interview date.

Workshops will be held in Banbury (2 minutes off Junction 11 M40):

  • Saturday 14th January 2017
  • Saturday 18th February 2017

Recommended you book early due to limited places.




New Workshop due to Increased Demand

Promotion Prep candidates have been providing feedback that they wished they could have attended a full days course that would provide them with everything they need to know to successfully pass the police promotion board at every stage of the process.

Therefore we have listened and created a new workshop …

The Whole Journey

This one day workshop covers:

  • Leadership gap assessment
  • Coaching for application form submission
  • Coaching for the interview board
  • Coaching for presentations and other NPPF exercises

Places are limited to 8 people per workshop.  To register your interest please email or call on 07572 820511

18/06/16 10:00-16:00
23/07/16 10:00-16:00


For further details about all of our services including this new workshop please visit our website.

Gap Assessment E-Module NOW AVAILABLE

Promotion Prep are proud to announce the new Gap Assessment e-learning module to help you with your first steps to achieving your promotion.

For the first 10 proactive candidates to enrol and download the new course you will receive £50 off a workshop of your choice.

The e-learning module helps you to identify and address your leadership gaps ahead of your promotion board.  It offers support and templates to prepare a tailored development plan to secure top place performance at your police promotion board.

Many candidates that have downloaded the other available e-learning packages have been successful and you can read their testimonials here.

“The e-learning package was a great help – thanks”

Start planning your journey to success – it’s never too early!




  • Currently preparing for promotion?
  • Know someone who is preparing for promotion?
  • Want to increase your chances of promotion?


New for 2016 – Workshops Gap Assessment e-package (available from 7th April 2016)
2 hours with a maximum of 8 people attending.


Dates are online but first come, first served as limited places are available.


Next workshop is 16th April 2016.  Places are still available.


An opportunity for you to enrol and download a package designed to help you take the first steps to promotion, identifying and addressing your leadership gaps against the National Police Professional Framework (NPPF).


For the 1st 10 people that enrol and download the product you will receive £50 off attendance at a workshop of your choice.


Our flexible learning opportunities suit everyone in terms of budget and preferred learning style.

To date Neil has achieved an 80% success rate and many of his clients have secured top place performance.  To hear about other’s successes visit the testimonial page.

For further information or to book on to a workshop please email:


2016 Workshop Dates: From Qualification to Leadership

2016 Workshop Dates: From Qualification to Leadership

Promotion Prep are pleased to announce new dates for Police Promotion Workshops 2016.  In these times of austerity there are fewer opportunities for promotion and many more qualified officers to compete with.

The workshops have been designed to help those individuals who will be, or who are applying for police promotion and who want to ‘get ahead of the crowd’.  Join my many other clients who have achieved top place performance and have been successfully promoted.

To register interest follow instructions on the attachment  –  Police Promotion Workshops 2016 .

Don’t forget to download the Journey to Success Planner to help you on your way.

Your 2016 Journey to Success

Your 2016 Journey to Success

Download your Journey to Success Planner

Finding colleagues, leaders or HR professionals willing or having the time to coach or mentor you to ensure that you can develop quickly, obtaining the necessary information and tools/techniques to prepare and succeed at police promotion boards can prove difficult.

Time is precious and the wrong preparation at the wrong time results in many wasted hours.

Here are my top tips for anyone thinking about preparing for police promotion …

Top tips to secure promotion

  1. Prepare immediately upon qualification.
  2. This should be in the form of a gap assessment to identify any gaps that you may have in terms of the National Policing Professional Framework (NPPF) and the leadership qualities required at the next rank.
  3. Proactively address the gaps identified ahead of the promotion advert being placed so that you can confidently include within your application form or your promotion board exercises.
  4. Prepare your application form at least 3 months before the advert is placed. This will get you ahead of the crowd and you will still be able to enjoy holidays and a normal work-life balance, whilst others are frantically searching for evidence in support of their application. You will be in full control.
  5. Continue with your preparation with a belief that you will be shortlisted. This is important as you will need to prepare for the promotion board exercises at least 4-6 weeks before you attend the promotion board. To delay will seriously jeopardise your chances of success in a competitive pool.
  6. Regardless of the outcome always seek detailed feedback on all aspects of the process including the application form. This is critical for you to commence the cycle all over again to ensure professional development. You should be eager to fast-track your development and achieve your goals.

Download Promotion Prep’s suggested Journey to Success Planner and begin planning now …